Branches of a tree after freezing fog
Trees down by the woods after some freezing fog
Almost got a great shot of a downy woodpecker taking off
A downy woodpecker in our apple tree
Close-up of a pine tree after freezing fog
Close-up of the completed jigsaw puzzle
Close-up of the completed jigsaw puzzle
Three photos of mine I had printed out and put on my wall (photo #5764, photo #5674, and photo #5684)
M&Ms ornaments in a (fake) tree
Gingerbread cookies we made
Gingerbread cookies we made
Nice colors and silhouettes
Some snow that looks like Mars
Sign outside Nixon's Grocery in Brant, MI down the road from where I live (and where I work)
Aircraft about to land at MBS International Airport
A squirrel near the Tridge in Midland
A squirrel near the Tridge in Midland
The Tridge in Midland
Cody at the Tridge in Midland
Nice photo of Cody's car's dash while we were waiting for time lapses of wind turbines/
Looking up at a wind turbine in Gratiot County from the base
Cody's camera set up taking a time lapse of wind turbines in Gratiot County
Frost on the grass early in the morning
The frost on the grass was all melted away except under the shadow of the tree branches
Interesting scene with the brightly lit trees set against the dark sky
Looking down Hemlock Rd. towards Brant
Close-up of a bush
Close-up of a cage outside in the rain
Some pool hoses on the deck
A ruined house I found while biking
A bridge that's been closed off for months
My reflection in a creek
Boat launch in Ringwood Forest
Taken from the old rail bridge on the rail train over the Shiawassee River in St. Charles

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