Saw this place while walking around town with Hunter and thought it would make a neat photo
A nice wooded creek
Some vultures perching on the roof of an abandoned house
Depth of field photo of a field of grass
Depth of field photo of a dirt road
A chipmunk near the water's edge in Ringwood Forest
One of my best shots of the moon, taken with just my new camera and no additional optics (binoculars/telescope)
A blanket I randomly saw and took a cool photo of
A nuthatch with some seeds in its beak
Feeding a tufted titmouse from my hand by sticking it out a partially open window
Black-capped chickadee
Panorama of Brant as seen from our backyard on a cold, foggy morning
A nice, bright rainbow during a rainstorm. There was also a nice sunset out front (photo #4291)
Really nice sunset I saw over some power lines while biking
Macro photo of a lily in St. Charles
Lilies in St. Charles
A photogenic tree against a blue sky
A toad on a road
A baltimore oriole eating from an orange half
A swimming otter
Trees covered in ice after freezing rain
Panorama of my room being lit by the morning sun
Close-up of pine needles

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