A very nice path in Ringwood Forest
We stopped at the Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge on our way home from Solon and saw some great egrets from the car
The waterfall at South Chagrin Reservation
Some old abandoned railroad tracks in Solon. There was a geocache hidden here but we couldn't find it
I saw many geese in and around Solon while I was biking around
A pond in Timberlake Park
Saw this place while walking around town with Hunter and thought it would make a neat photo
A nice wooded creek
Some vultures perching on the roof of an abandoned house
Depth of field photo of a field of grass
Depth of field photo of a dirt road
A chipmunk near the water's edge in Ringwood Forest
One of my best shots of the moon, taken with just my new camera and no additional optics (binoculars/telescope)
A blanket I randomly saw and took a cool photo of
A nuthatch with some seeds in its beak
Feeding a tufted titmouse from my hand by sticking it out a partially open window
Black-capped chickadee
Panorama of Brant as seen from our backyard on a cold, foggy morning
A nice, bright rainbow during a rainstorm. There was also a nice sunset out front (photo #4291)
Really nice sunset I saw over some power lines while biking

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