Kendall in her room
Kendall and Lucy
Kendall on the floor
A rickety tree swing near a creek in Lake Tahoe
Overlooking a grassy field at sunset in Lake Tahoe
Pine forest in Lake Tahoe
Robin's house
Colorado River whitewater rapids in the Rocky Mountains
Colorado River whitewater rapids as seen from inside the California Zephyr observation car
Scaffolding in Chicago Union Station;; they're building a new skylight.
M&Ms ornaments in a (fake) tree
Aircraft about to land at MBS International Airport
A squirrel near the Tridge in Midland
A squirrel near the Tridge in Midland
Frost on the grass early in the morning
The frost on the grass was all melted away except under the shadow of the tree branches
My reflection in a creek
King Vulture
Magellanic Penguin
North American river otter at Zoo Knoxville
Lions at Zoo Knoxville

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