Three photos of mine I had printed out and put on my wall (photo #5764, photo #5674, and photo #5684)
Replacement computer hardware came in. The motherboard ended up being bad though :(
A blanket I randomly saw and took a cool photo of
This is were I was taking the previous photos from, with 35x zoom
My room at night
Random photo I took while lying in bed to test out my camera's zoom function. It turned out pretty well actually
My new lemur tail
All of the tails Jane has made
Jane's old computer's CPU cooler...
My new computer
My new computer
My old computer
My old computer, so dirty...
My old computer, so dusty...
One corner of my bed is sunk two inches into my floor
Ice on the inside of my window on a particularly cold day
Panorama of my room being lit by the morning sun
Photo of my triple-monitor wallpaper setup
My very dusty computer before I cleaned it out
My power cord setup under my computer desk
The mess of cables and cords behind my computer
The black fox tail Jane made for Zack (out of yarn)
The dog tail Jane made for herself (out of yarn)
The fox tail Jane made for me (out of yarn)
The $1 custom mousepad I ordered
My computer setup
Test with my circular polarizer filter, this is with. Without: photo #3334
Test with my circular polarizer filter, this is without. With: photo #3335

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