7/9 online guildies are warriors
Don't remember why I took this, maybe just showing what I had in my inventory?
In honor of The Force Awakens, Orgrimmar and Stormwind guards are wielding lightsabers
Pulling Son of the Beast into the next boss's room and killing them both at the same time
Neinna joined us for this Archimonde kill since we only had 9 people!
Our first Heroic Zakuun kill! Took 25-30 attempts
Got heroic Zakuun down to 2.2% on this attempt
Doing almost 207k DPS in a heroic UBRS
I managed to land on the very tip of this pillar after disengaging
Saving Leeroy Jenkins in UBRS
Saving Leeroy Jenkins in UBRS
Sitting around eating in HFC
Everyone showing off their 11th anniversary gifts
A very close heroic Gorefiend kill!
At the end of Justice's second annual naked gnome race
The winner of Justice's second annual naked gnome race!
About to start Justice's second annual naked gnome race
Starting our second annual Justice Naked Gnome Race
First Heroic Gorefiend kill!
First Heroic Iron Reaver kill!
Posing after our first N Archimonde kill
Posing after our first N Archimonde kill
First Archimonde kill! (Normal)
Getting close on Archimonde! We didn't end up killing him until the next day, though
"Grand Champinos"
Pulling 207k DPS during the first boss of N HFC
Killed (N) Iron Reaver WAY faster than our previous best because we beat the air phase timer
Got Silver Tank Proving Grounds on my hunter :D
Transferring a bunch of gold over from Horde to Alliance with the Big Bag of Booty you could buy during Talk Like a Pirate Day
Close Mannoroth kill!
Zakuun has 99.99 million HP right now
PAYDAY 2 reference in WoW :D
Short shorts
First Mannoroth Kill! He's pretty easy
Got Sonalbelli killed while he was AFK
Trying to do the annoying achievement to have Razorscale kill 25 Guardians with her breath
Giant people in Ironforge
Got back into the secret room in Orgrimmar again on Warriorfox
This fire in northeastern Gorgrond teleports you back and forth to the Timeless Isle
First Xhul'horac kill :D
So close...
Trying to get an achievement on Razorscale. It takes so long
A mob standing on the top of a tree
I got Mimiron's Head!
I got Mimiron's Head!
This was an annoying achievement to get
Got Bloody Rare! If only Northrend were as easy...

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