Doing almost 207k DPS in a heroic UBRS
Pulling 207k DPS during the first boss of N HFC
Rocking the DPS meters in this Timewalking dungeon
Pulling 90k at the start of Iron Maidens
This guy and I were one DPS away from each other
Lots of DPS in Raid Finder
I hit 79,238 DPS during a boss pull in BRF
Peaked at 57k DPS after popping everything at the beginning of a Brackenspore fight
Doing 46k DPS at the beginning of a Kargath kill
Pulled 54k DPS while killing a rare in The Pit today with Justice
Recount shows me doing 1.3 million DPS after using an item to kill a bunch of Pit enemies during the daily
Pulling 39k DPS during the first burn phase of Kargath
We finally killed Brackenspore after about 12 wipes! He's pretty complicated. I also got an achievement (get 15 stacks of Burning Infusion and defeat Brackenspore) and pulled 30k DPS with the flamethrower :D
Pulling 25k AoE DPS in UBRS
There were quite a few high-DPS players in this group
212k AoE DPS :D
First in DPS :D
First in DPS early in the fight
This druid is doing 458,395 damage per second
First in DPS :D
Top of the DPS charts at the start of the fight :D
The shaman's DPS was insane in this fight (110,000)
Blort is pulling 111,000 DPS in this fight
132k Powershot crit
90k crit on a seagull
A nice big crit on a Stormwind rat
10.6K Kill Shot crit (not much in retrospect)
Killing a ton of mobs during a run through ZF for cloth and greens
A ton of mobs dead during a run through ZF for cloth and greens
Doing tons of AOE damage to mobs during a run through ZF for cloth
AoE grinding in Sholazar on Shamanfox
Tons of mobs dying in the Deadmines
Lots of AoE damage in the Deadmines
6080 Lightning Bolt crit on the shaman
Lots of AoE damage in Naxx
Massive AoE damage in Zul'gurub
AoE damage in MC
AoE damage in MC

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