Found someone else with the same Mimiron's Head mount as me
Tedious somehow got himself stuck off Mannoroth's platform
Neinna joined us for this Archimonde kill since we only had 9 people!
Our first Heroic Zakuun kill! Took 25-30 attempts
Got heroic Zakuun down to 2.2% on this attempt
I managed to land on the very tip of this pillar after disengaging
Sitting around eating in HFC
Everyone showing off their 11th anniversary gifts
A very close heroic Gorefiend kill!
First Heroic Gorefiend kill!
First Heroic Iron Reaver kill!
Posing after our first N Archimonde kill
Posing after our first N Archimonde kill
Getting close on Archimonde! We didn't end up killing him until the next day, though
Pulling 207k DPS during the first boss of N HFC
Killed (N) Iron Reaver WAY faster than our previous best because we beat the air phase timer
Close Mannoroth kill!
Zakuun has 99.99 million HP right now
First Mannoroth Kill! He's pretty easy
Got Sonalbelli killed while he was AFK
First Xhul'horac kill :D
So close...
Someone used that knife toy on Archimonde
First Zakuun kill. He was so easy, we killed him during the first few attempts where we don't really know the mechanics and everyone dies.
Giving Zakuun a "joke" attempt. We got him to ~8% on our third attempt with no real intent on killing him after tonight's raid
Getting ready to give Zakuun a "joke" attempt. We got him to ~8% on our third attempt with no real intent on killing him after tonight's raid
First Tyrant kill! She was pretty tough
Our first Tyrant kill in progress
People standing around near the Hellfire Citadel summoning stone near raid time (9pm EST)
First Socrethar kill. He was pretty easy
Saved Ariok during the Kilrogg encounter
Possibly first Gorefiend kill?
Almost the entire room filled with purple junk on Gorefiend
They killed Kilrogg while we were in a vision. Also, first kill!
Playing with the Dazzling Rod toy
First Hellfire High Council kill! Barely beat the enrage timer, too
One of the mobs before the first boss in Hellfire Citadel spawns a line of bombs when they die
First Iron Reaver kill
Getting ready to attempt Oregorger (we didn't get him down that week)
Our first ever boss kill in Blackrock Foundry, and after only four or five wipes!

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