Bernal finished off the second-last boss of UBRS alone
Killed Warlord Zaela fast enough that she never got to phase 2, and died way down below
Pulling Son of the Beast into the next boss's room and killing them both at the same time
Doing almost 207k DPS in a heroic UBRS
Saving Leeroy Jenkins in UBRS
Saving Leeroy Jenkins in UBRS
Taking a selfie with some pirates
Using Manastorm's Duplicator in Arcatraz
Using Manastorm's Duplicator in Arcatraz (no dancing)
Rocking the DPS meters in this Timewalking dungeon
Doing a Timewalking Black Morass with guildies
Did the Croman achievement with Justice this morning
Wiped on the last boss of UBRS
Weird bug that makes you roll on all of a boss's loot (you don't actually get anything except your piece)
Pulling 25k AoE DPS in UBRS
Looking at the second-last boss in Shadowmoon Burial Grounds
About to kill the last boss of Grimrail Depot. The view is awesome
This dungeon is really cool; we're fighting on a moving train
Zack and I two-manning normal Auchindoun. We eventually had to get help for the last two bosses
Doing my first Warlords dungeon with guildies
Dad barely survived this boss fight
The tank has 4444 health
Somehow this part of the first boss of Shadowfang Keep killed me
(chat box)
Not how you're supposed to do Ji'kun
Got the achievement for completing every Mists heroic dungeon
This guy really butchered the word 'assassin'.
Gizgar is the same size as Neinna's Qiraji pet
That's a lot of stamina on those boots
The shaman's DPS was insane in this fight (110,000)
I just found out you can cast Soothing Mist while sitting or sleeping
"You will lose one rankd of guild reputation"
After a few hours and a few scenarios, my parents and I got the Scenaterdist title
The first scenario I've ever done (not counting Fall of Theramore at 85)
Blort is pulling 111,000 DPS in this fight
This monkey died kinda funny
Prety cool looking armor
Another Hozen dance party!
We're just a barrel of monkeys
Waiting for our dungeon queue after finishing Scarlet monastery
This Prot warrior soloed the last boss of Heroic Stormstout Brewery from 53% by himself
Hozen dance party!
Hozen dance party!
Our first Pandaria instance completed (Temple of the Jade Serpent)
Doing Theramore's Fall
Doing Theramore's Fall
Doing Theramore's Fall
You can ride things in tree form now
You can ride things in tree form now

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